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If your team can dream it...
Our team can help you achieve it!
"Design, fabrication, and flight support for Industry and Education partners"
Who we are

Diamondwing Stealthy, hi-power-ducted fan platform. Diamond wing aircraft designed as a low observable target. Single engine bungee or geared launch. Wing is cambered for on-condition operation.


     Engineering is an innovative engineering company that specializes in the development of unmanned aviation systems and advanced digital flight control laws supporting aviation industry partners and STEM education outreach programs.

What we do

          Engineering currently designs and manufactures air and ground based unmanned robotic systems for industry, government, and education based partners. 


Our capabilities and in-depth expertise in these areas makes us uniquely suited to provide hands-on, current technology-based team-building educational projects.

Racer Pod with payload
Emax 2_5 Race Quad
Thor Photo
Thor Perspective
THOR Payload Bay
LERA200 Top
LERA200 Tail
Stingray Rend1
Rally Perspective
StingRay CAD Perspective
Stryker 100 Persp (1)
FLCR V100 Posit Proj
FLCR V200 Dev Flgt
Our Passion

Our mission is to inspire fascination and problem solving creativity as students tackle real-world based projects.

Whether your team operates in a lab, workshop, or classroom, we are passionate about helping you achieve success in all of your aviation or robotics based efforts. 


For our education based partners, our combined passion for engineering and our love for helping youth to realize all they can become are the motivating powers behind OnE Engineering.

Our goal is to bring engineering excellence and innovative STEM lessons to under-served and at-risk students around the world. 


If you represent an at-risk or under-served youth community/school or would like to help us support youth in this way click the link below to learn more about our sponsorship program and One World E.L.O., a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring youth through technology! 

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